Why Best Buy lost a sale – abbreviated version

My mother ended up getting an Emerson 39-inch LCD TV from Walmart — now waiting for friends/neighbours to install it.

Let’s back up — my mother’s email on Friday:

Rick, Thanks for your e-mail.  I went to best buy today to check on the Insigna TV there.  It was nice set, but the young man who helped me didn’t seem very  knowledgeable about TV.  It had closed caption, but he said their TV’s were not hooked up to cable, so he could not tell me about it.  That price was $279.99.  I checked back at Walmart.  They have Vizio that has a 37″ screen with 1080 p for $348.They have a product care plan for 3 yrs. for $39 and Best Buy has a plan for 4 yrs. for $49.

I know there is a difference of price between the two, but I just don’t know what to do right now.  Any ideas? Dad and I used to make decisions like this together. I guess I just don’t feel as comfortable as I should about things like this.  I do know Dad did not have much confidence in Best Buy.

I shopped at Walmart this afternoon with my wife and saw that, in addition to the 37″ Vizio, there was a 39″ Emerson for $328 with three font sizes for closed captioning.  The employees in the electronics department, Dan and Karen, were very helpful.

I told my mother about the Emerson TV after she had emailed me her concerns.

She drove to her hometown Walmart and closed the deal.

She finally emailed, “The sales-person said if it didn’t fit, I could bring it back within 90 days for a full return.”

Could Best Buy top that, or do they still charge a restocking fee?

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