A good quote is like a good wine — a matter of good taste.

“Between safety and adventure, I choose adventure.” — Craig Ferguson [recently]

“If God made us in His image, we have certainly returned the compliment.” — Voltaire, Le Sottisier

“Faccio sempre le mie stesse strade” [I always make my own roads] — Coleen Monroe [recently]

“Peter Higgs, the British physicist, who, as you’ve no doubt recently become well aware, was himself the originator of the concept of a particle now known as the HIGGS BOSON.  Mr. Higgs was once married, to an American Linguistics lecturer named Jody but, after he became somewhat famous, she divorced him, feeling that he was excessively absorbed in his career. My contribution to this story is the thought that she didn’t want to become known as the HIGGS BOSON’S MATE.” — Ashleigh Brilliant

Ai, Ai, cap’n!

There are many ways to starve an opponent and almost all of them require patience while the opponent burns through reserves.  Who is your opponent, what is the opponent’s reserves and do you have patience?

When one has millions of years to make a single decision, all the local noise becomes nonsense, even when one is dragged into the drama, the trauma and the “je ne sais quoi” of so-called daily living.

The rush from the crib to the bridge where one can feel the ship change direction when one turns the wheel, and thus the rudder, is such a tiny space of time that one forgets details that were important at the time.

The next storyline begs for its entry from offstage.

Droite?  Gauche?  Les notions de droite et de gauche renvoient à une opposition en politique mais, aussi, le théâtre et la scène.

Two suitors compete for the same target of their affection.  Who will starve whom?  Who is willing to bow out, to lose graciously, to achieve the goal of which one’s affection is just a stepping stone, a waystation, a port of call?

When a goal is more important than one’s happiness, emotions are removed from the equation.

When the equation is free of emotion, one can see variables that may or may not play to one’s advantage.

When one cares not for advantages, the equation reveals its answer, how it balances, what it means when time is irrelevant.

The same way that one double quotation mark makes no sense without a second, completing the set.

They are just symbols, are they not?

What does this mean to you?: “=”

Emoticon? An equation? An ironic statement of what the equals sign means? ASCII characters? One of the world’s simplest quotes, translatable into just about every language?  A nonsense statement?

Time for another nonsense story…plenty of time before the next decision has to be made and revealed, which opponent will starve in the process.

If only predicting the future was the same as making the future…sigh…the subtleties…he who laughs, lasts, and that’s all that matters, n’est pas?

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