Late-Night Advert

Are you tired of giving your business away to a government that scares and intimidates  you with doomsday predictions?

Do you question why you convinced your friends and family to fund your venture when a large part of the profits you’d like to share with them goes to fund pork-barrel projects from which you don’t benefit?

Well, don’t change that channel!!!

Call the number below and we’ll show you how to:

  • Incorporate your business as an offshore shell holding company
  • Have no employees, thus avoiding personnel tax accounting (in fact, you won’t have to hire accountants at all!)
  • Own no assets and have no liabilities
  • Protect the integrity of your name as a generous philanthropist to your peers

Wouldn’t you like to sleep soundly knowing that the time and money you sacrificed, losing precious hours with your little ones and your first second third fourth spouse have not gone to waste?

Stop texting your BFF and make that free Internet phone call to us right now.  We have outsourced VOIP telephone operators sitting in hot warehouse conditions waiting to take your call.

For one low setup fee and a wee bit of your monthly income, we’ll ensure you have no trouble with the laws and regulations of every country, municipality and political entity that’s trying to take your precious cash away from your attempt to give an honest wage to honest workers, and an ROI for those business associates who, to coin a phrase, are about to bust some kneecaps if they don’t get paid because they don’t care about your excuse that you have to pay taxes and licence fees to your government.

Thanks to us, you’ll be sailing around the world, free from dilapidated bridges, malnourished unemployables, empty art museums and other relics of a time when people had no choice but to form businesses that were forced to turn over their profits for the sole purpose of propping up unfair socialistic governments keen on shoving your face to the grindstone and emptying your cashbox for their pet reelection projects.

Don’t delay.  Your future and the future of your darling children depends on making that call.  Who knows, your fifth spouse may turn out better than all the rest once you have real money to burn!

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