As free as the grass grows…true to this glorious quest

The milestone chart shows 13,855 days to go.

Mario Lanza sings “Granada.”

A Greek restaurant is closed on Memorial Day in the U.S.

“Melancholia” floats across Amazon cloud servers.

People read Billy Graham’s “Nearing Home.”

An Armitron watch I once owned played the theme from “Santa Lucia” as one of its many alarms.

The previous sentences individually own one single frame of a graphic novel in progress, which continues…

In the Antarctic, warm water swirls around coastlines.

The pock-pock-pock of a helicopter competes with a woodpecker for acoustic rhythms in the air.

The last frame of the first three pages of the graphic novel shows a Happiness quote from

The back page springs alive and sings “Ave Maria” spontaneously.

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