The Corner of Sadness and Lonely

Imagine, for a moment, my fist held up high, arm bent at the elbow and slapping the palm of my other hand on the biceps of the upheld arm.

That is my message to the .pl-based spammers.

I will not go away quietly!

= = = = =

On another note, I am not my blog.

In a world of analysing subcultural trends to figure out how and what will be said by whom when, there is the other side of life.

Me, the little five or ten year young boy, staring wide-eyed at the world, wondering what I’m supposed to do in this adult body, with grownup decisions to make.


Be a man, right?  Suck it up.  Every family faces tough decisions and keep them from the light of the public eye.

But I am also a writer, a journalist, at heart, if not by trade, a hobby craftsman putting these symbols together for personal and perhaps species-level entertainment.

Maybe a little enlightenment, too.

I haven’t fully recovered from the loss of my dear mother in-law and now this?

Live and learn.

Pain goes away eventually, one way or another.

The lesson today is family trumps politics every time.

Details will wait another day to be pulled out of the emotional wreck I am at this moment and scratched onto this virtual slate.

Quiet and solitude will suffice.  Peace is a word, a blurry image barely discernable.

Sitting here, perplexed, not quite dejected, on the corner of Sadness and Lonely, pushing aside pride and other feelings that a person like me is supposed to personify in the image of a MAN.

Willing to cry…today, that is enough.  Words from a rational viewpoint will have to wait.

…today?…is “today” a real world?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t sound right.  Where’s my hardback edition of Encyclopedia Britannica to resolve the matter logically?

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