You Can’t Say That on Television

How many social media networks do you belong to?

I don’t keep up with the trend in online social networks so, a few years ago, I was surprised when a former secondary school girlfriend of mine invited me to a couple of social networks I’d never heard of.

The networks were geared toward schoolaged children, with a lot of the online checkboxes, smiley faces, etc., that we used to exchange in notes passed in classrooms.

I suppose the networks still exist, that the demand is still there, but since I neither have children nor am of schoolage (6-18 years) anymore, those parts of society aren’t of interest to me.


Unless, that is, there’s data there worth mining to see where the leaders of tomorrow are going to take society and what the followers expect of their leaders.

Should mainstream media and/or the major blogging/tweeting community members pay attention to these feeder streams of age-specific social networks?

Or are they already buzzing about them and I’ve missed the symbol sets, the codewords, that go with those subcultures?

I never read the teen celebrity-following magazines when I was a kid.  I was more likely to read a technology-based magazine, instead.

I passed notes in class, though, starting around age 8.  No, I actually passed notes in my first year of school, when I was 5 to 6 years of age, but they were mainly drawings of cars, boats and submarines that I shared with other guys.  It wasn’t until age 8 that I started passing love notes to girls.

In the U.S., I see a trend where the candidates for U.S. President are attempting to send love notes to women in an adult sort of way, one type for married/attached heterosexual women, one type for single heterosexual women and another type for nonheterosexual women, attached and/or single.

What kind of social networks did the candidates and the women to whom they’re sending signals use when they were kids?

Answer that question and you’ll know the political trends of the next decade.

Meanwhile, I return to the technological trends of this decade predicted by the view 1000 years from now, before seeing what the Committee wants to discuss at the next meeting…

A nod to Andrea, who attended Lee University.  I hope you meet the person with whom you want to spend your remaining days on this planet, reinforcing the great life you’ve had already.

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