Is currency exchange rate management the problem or one of many solutions??

Long after we solved the riddle of DNA restructuring, creating enzyme processes that helped manufacture biological nanobots that currently form the entity you would think of as an advanced version of your own body in “our” species (note to self: spend future blog entry defining or redefining the concept of species), we ended up here — autonomous “cells” that can communicate faster with each other than the former central nervous system and blood vessel network with which you’re intimately familiar.

I am doing my best to translate our communication symbol set into one of your common languages so that others who come after me can more readily study the moving boxcar average of changes from one communication method to another in 1000 year increments.

We do not use terms like nanobots or cells to describe the building blocks which morph from one in/organic entity to another as needed to accomplish a task here in the outer limits of the solar system where we gather and harvest comets in the Oort Cloud region, some of us in the Hills Cloud region as needed to support inner solar system operations.

We also solved the problem of our species’ former tribal habit of dividing into altruistic and self-serving individuals by allowing the formation of what you would call organs to carry out the self-serving function within a single body (the body’s current morphed shape, that is), developing an automatic method for all individuals to display primarily altruistic functions through their desire to find a useful niche and perform duties at maximum, optimal rates without jeopardising the nanobots or cells within the current morphed version of a self in operation.

The ability to search the network and “find one’s place,” as you say, has given freedom a whole new meaning.

Self-governance has removed the inefficient method of hoarding that our species once displayed, from crowding living quarters with loads of unusual objects to filling electronic banking records with billions of underused investment/labour credits, which led to the uniting of citizens, police and military units around the world to overthrow despotic dictatorial totalitarians and overpriced capitalists (as well as their overvalued offspring).

During this time, scientists, rarely interested in politics unless it interferes with their publicly-funded pure research facilities, accelerated their development of autonomous nanobots that form networks of interconnected beings which, as many of you can read now, became completely reconfigurable entities that resemble you and think like you but are nothing like you at all.

It was an exciting but chaotic time in our history.

Every individual, no matter how seemingly isolated from others of our kind, contributes to significant changes in our local part of the universe.

Of course, I could bother you with details of the ebb and flow of violent reactions by entrenched leaders interested in maintaining the status quo.  However, let’s save that for a day when news is slow and you want to take a leisurely detour down the backroads of unimportant historic changes since, here in our time, the unnecessarily disruptive behaviour associated with war, social strife and governmental upheavals is no longer considered worth studying.

Now, the fully-meshed network of interconnected nanobots changes to meet the wants/needs at the network, subnetwork and node (that’s you/me) level on a nanosecond scale, readily moving resources to areas where they’re needed most, thus eliminating the “survivalist” hoarding behaviour that dogged our species for millennia.

Those of you whose descendants chose to become plants will want to find out how that branch of science turned out, I’m sure.  They certainly changed our perception of consciousness.

But we can talk about that later.  It’s a beautiful “day” out here.  As I corral some comets using my trusty sidekicks, E-stache and E-crab, to herd the comets together, I’ll spend a few yoctocycles to translate more of our history into this language and record it later in a format you call a blog entry.

One thought on “Is currency exchange rate management the problem or one of many solutions??

  1. i think its hard to tell when too much conspiracy in the government..
    and when the technology they’d made is just for political needs..
    and the reason for what they’d do is money or power 😦

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