Admission of Guilt?

Bill Kling, Huntsville City Council member, as well as the entire state of Alabama, admitted guilt today in the contribution toward global warming and use of herbicides/pesticides to reduce the bee/bird population by reiterating the demand (a/k/a Ordinance No. 86-294 entitled “The Huntsville, Alabama, Grass and Weed Ordinance”) that residents maintain an inedible crop of grasses at a certain height that does not allow the grass to produce flowers and thus seeds all for the sake of “a way to help keep the community looking its best.””

Visible means of support

A dry day, hot and humid, 93 deg F, but cooler under the shady canopy of the woods…a good day to make rustic cedar handrails for the bridge!


I have added an old electric chainsaw to my toolset — wanted to carve some notches that my hand saw couldn’t accomplish. Buzz buzz…

Took a break just in time to see Team USA futbol team introduced for World Cup game versus Belgium.

Fun in the sun!